1. Level One of Contracted Professional Architectural Decoration Project 

      Class A of Building Decoration Engineering Design

      GOODHOUSE's wealth of experience and strong track record of performance stands out in the Asian market

      GOODHOUSE Interior Design was established in Taiwan in 1977 at the beginning of the Taiwanese interior design industry's boom period. Within a few years, GOODHOUSE excelled in interior design, fit-out, and construction of department stores, corporate offices, retail shops, and residential housings, etc. These achievements and experiences set a solid foundation for its future growth, and after 1990, GOODHOUSE strategically expanded its business to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Chengdu and Beijing.

      GOODHOUSE continues to challenge itself to pursue perfection

      GOODHOUSE firmly believe that interior design is the ultimate actualization of practical art. We create luxurious, high-quality commercial spaces by pursuing our creative vision within the practical requirements of our clients. GOODHOUSE has gained extensive experience working with multinational clients and designers over the past 30 years. We continue to challenge ourselves by paying acute attention to detail, standing by a strong work ethic, and providing 1st class customer service before, during and after a project. GOODHOUSE's strong project management skills combined with the integration of the full creation process from interior design to concept development and construction means we are able to deliver projects that exceed international standards of luxury and quality.