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I have only considered myself a serious photographer for a few years. I had always meant to learn the art and science of photography, but it wasn't until recently that I fully dedicated myself to the craft. Since then I've been repeatedly astounded by the reception people have given to my work. I currently have almost five thousand photos posted to my flickr account. [Check back here soon for a slideshow of my best photos.]

I've also done a considerable amount of product photography for businesses, both for their internet and print marketing needs. My work has also been featured in several publications and websites:

Mariners bus advert

Copacino and Fujikado, the PR firm contracted by the Seattle Mariners, used Mariners bus adone of my photos inSafeco Field an ad campaign. The image below is a mock-up of the ad, which appeared on the side of several Seattle buses. I only managed to see the ad on an actual bus once, but luckily a quick-witted friend saw it and grabbed a shot of it with his cell phone [left]. The photo on the right is the original photo I took at a Mariners game at Safeco Field a few years ago.

Seattle Bus Ad

Wide Format Imaging magazine cover

Wide Format ImagingI was contacted by a representative from Point Imaging in Indiana. They Wide Format Imagingproduced the large graphics that covered the seats in the upper deck of Qwest Field during the Seattle Sounders soccer season. As they felt one of my photos presented their work very well, they asked me if they could submit my photo to Wide Format Imaging magazine. Once a year, they pick a photo from one of the top 20 prints shops in the U.S. to grace the cover of a special issue. They liked my photo, and the rest is history.

Across the internet
My photos have been featured all over the internet. Here are some examples. Click the image to enlarge, or click the text link for the actual website:
Grand Tetons HDR
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