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BombasticideAs an active guitarist in the Northwest music scene, I enjoy the challenges that arise from being a part of many different projects. One of the most rewarding aspects is that I often find myself alongside some of the best musicians in the Northwest.

Currently, I am immersed in several recording projects, not the least of which will be my first solo CD. Here's a (very raw) taste of what I'm working on:

If you like what you hear, please

A Brief Musical Biography Of Art Bromage

I first picked up the guitar at age thirteen, infatuated with the guitar playing of Eddie Van Halen and Randy Rhoads. My parents made me buy an acoustic guitar rather than an electric, Art playing Rushassuming my fascination to be short lived. It wasn't. Within a year I'd saved up enough Art at the Triple Doormoney from my paper route to buy my first electric guitar. I soon progressed to learning the tunes of the day (what can now be called "classic rock" I guess), developing quickly and devouring guitar magazines like candy, soaking up whatever knowledge I could. Once into high school, while playing alto and tenor sax in several school bands, I settled into a routine of weekly lessons with a great teacher who helped me advance my musicianship by leaps and bounds. Berklee College of Music followed immediately after high school, where I spent a year immersed 24/7 in a focused atmosphere for musical development.

After returning to L.A., a long string of different projects followed. Several artbromage.combands and lots of studio work, playing many styles - fusion, prog, funk, metal, blues; even a Rush tribute band. Eventually wearying of being a drop in the ocean of the music scene in L.A., I relocated to Seattle in 1998. Since moving to the northwest, I've been immersed in an even more diverse range of musical styles, both on stage and in the studio. I've been playing a lot of rock, blues, jazz, r&b, Contemporary Christian, funk, country, and soul.

You'll often find me gigging around the Seattle area as a sideman with many different artists. Aside from working on my instrumental tunes, you'll find me throwing down with Freddy Pink, the northwest's premier rock & soul band. For several years, I played with Nearly Dan, America's best Art in a tux with his PRSSteely Dan tribute. You can also find me rocking with The Chris Klimecky Band, old friends in Bombasticide, playing jazz with The Erickson Group, backing up Todd Carter Koeppen, scratching the classic rock itch with Roger & The Hubcaps, paying tribute to the blues with Hettel Street Blues, tracking on innumerable studio projects, and who knows what else. After playing gigs with esteemed musicians like Tom Scott, Commander Cody, and Lee Oskar, you never know where I'll pop up next! (I never know where I'll pop up next.)

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